The Palin’s Vs the Johnsons

Palin Vs Johnson
The Show-Biz TV programs and the magazine gossip columns are like frenzied hyenas waiting for the beast to die, as they report and discuss Levi Johnson’s – Bristol Palin’s ex – revelations to Trya Banks. According to Levi Johnson, the Alaskan Governor knew her daughter, Bristol and he were screwing. Teens in love? I imagine Sarah Palin figured as long as they practice safe sex, then what the hell. If truth be known, Sarah’s daughter romping in the cot with a guy her own age, probably brought back fond memories. I don’t believe Sarah Palin was a virgin when she married. So, Levi Johnson sits on Trya Banks’s sofa and tells the nation that the Governor knew and that he and Bristol practiced safe sex……”most of the time”. Levi also made it known that he was forced to attend the Republician National Convention back in September, 2008. It appears Levi isn’t a happy camper and wants to; either get his side of the story out or his 15 minutes of fame.
I watched this guy as Trya Banks questioned him and I’ve come to the conclusion that Levi Johnson isn’t the brightest star in the heavens. He gave one word answers and at times looked as if someone had just whacked him over the head with a sledge-hammer. I couldn’t help but get the impression that someone in his life was manipulating him and had convinced him to open up about his relationship with Bristol. I don’t think, young Levi, possesses the shrewdness to come up with the idea of publicizing his short relationship with the Palin girl. Trya pushes her questions, literally dragging the answers out of the him. He’s nervous and seems reluctant, initially. Trya – wanting high ratings – continues to push. Levi is torn- does he hold back or does he tell all? He mumbles his answers as Trya beguiles this naive boy. She’s skilled enough to segue from one question to another with ease, never letting up, never letting him give a rehearsed response. Finally, Levi concedes and obsequiously tells all.
Meanwhile, in that snowy state of Alaska, Sarah Palin is pissed. Her publicist releases a statement basically stating everything Levi said was untrue. I can imagine Sarah stomping around her living room, with a cigarette in her hand, swearing and ranting about how she would love to get her hands on Levi’s balls. “That little asshole!” she would say, “If I ever get my hands on him, I’ll rip his ball-bag over his head!” Her daughter, Bristol, would be saying ,”Mom, keep your voice down, you’ll wake Donald.” Sarah wouldn’t be listening, she sees her career on the line because of a big-mouthed kid who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. Sarah’s husband, sitting on the couch with a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other – leans on his elbows and says, “Sarah, the kid’s right..he’s not lying. You did know Bristol was screwing him, you told her to keep her moaning down. Then when Bristol got tired of him, you placed your foot on his ass, now he’s getting revenge.” “Who’s side are you on?” Sarah asks, the words are spat from her mouth. “Yours, I’m just pointing out the truth.” “Shove the truth up your ass! This little shit is going to cause me all sorts of headaches!
My advice to the young, dumb, Levi is to stay out of Anchorage for the rest of his natural life. If Sarah Palin gets hold you, the pain will be excruciating.


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