They shoot horses….don’t they?

They Shoot Horses…don’t they?
Like giant dominos they fell one after the other. The spectators at this polo event watched in stunned silence as 14 horses collapsed and later died. It was an international Polo match between the host nation – the United States and Venezuela. “What the hell happened?” the public demanded. “How did 14 horses manage to croak at the same time?” Was it a plan hatched by Hugo Chavez to enable his country to win the polo tournament? I’m surprised Dick Cheney hasn’t gone to CNN yelling, “See, I told you so, Chavez and that damn book!” So, what happened? Many have speculated on what could have happened; everything from bad grass, toxic oats, fatigue, or old age. It is possible that 14 horses could suddenly become “old” at the same time and die? Nope, I don’t think so either. Still, like an Ellery Queen novel, it was a mystery……….. until today.

Today the media reported that a vitamin – prescribed for these poor animals – was prepared incorrectly. The veterinary pharmacy that make up the vitamin made a serious mistake with the mix. This drug was administered to the 14 horses and within an hour after being injected, there were 14 dead horses ready for dog food manufacturers across the country. The polo club today held a short memorial in honor of the horses complete with a wreath-laying in the middle of the polo field. The American Polo Association also offered their condolences to the owners of the horses. While all this was happening and a somber mood engulfed the mourners as they stood in silent pray, a meat truck was backing into the rear of the club house.

Now, you may think I’m being cold-hearted here, but do you seriously think that these horses are going to have a funeral service complete with organ music and flowers? Is the corpse of each animal going to be claimed by its owner and taken for a private service and buried in the family plot next to the family dog that died in ’72? No, I don’t think so. It is a sad day as 14 of God’s creatures were summarily put to death because of human error. I’m sure some worker is going to find a pink-slip in his or her next pay check – if not a court summons. If, in the event, this person that did mistakenly mix the wrong combination is ordered to court and found guilty of negligence or worse, what will happen to him or her? They will, most definitely be fined and failing to pay the fine, may have to spend sometime in the gray-bar hotel. Can you imagine sitting in a cell with real crims? The poor pharmacy worker would sit among murderers, rapists, gang members, drug dealers and the like. He or she would more than likely be sweating and worrying that one of these crims was going to cause him or her severe pain. If the pharmacy person is a guy, he may even worry that some big, muscle-bound crim with an IQ of 1, may try to pin a tail on him. Then again, perhaps the person who made the mistake will simply get a smack on the wrist and told to “Be careful next time.”


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