A City Under Siege

A City Under Siege
In the News today, the coastal city of Naiper on New Zealand’s Northern Island – is having to have to deal with a crazed gunman. The media are calling him “Rambo”, in reference to the fictional character made famous by Sylvester Stallone in four movies. “Rambo” has killed one police officer and wounded two others. he has also critically injured a couple of civilians. The country’s version of S.W.A.T. have encircled the house where this man is holed up and the waiting game has begun. Police are trying to coax this killer out and surrender his weapon. However, it appears the man is determined not to be taken.

It all began with two unarmed police officers making investigations into the production and distribution of marijuana from an address in this city. The police officers – armed with a search warrant – entered the premises and began searching for evidence. The owner of the house, was out – walking his dog – according to his partner. When the “dog-walker” arrived home and found police in his house, he ordered the officers out of the house. The officers explained that they had been monitoring the house for the pass couple of weeks and were aware of the growing of marijuana; thus had a warrant to search the place. The home owner was becoming more and more agitated and finally couldn’t control his frustration any longer. he pulled a rifle and ordered the officers out. The police moved out of the house, but the owner – now in a rage – shot one police officer dead and wounded the other. As the squad car was parked in front of the house; there was no way for the wounded officer to call for back-up, so he crawled to a neighbor’s house and called for help. A couple of neighbor’s then decided to take matters into their own hands. They walked to the house and tried to talk sense to this rifle carrying manic. Alas, the two “helpful” neighbor’s were met by gun-fire and both were taken to hospital where they are in critical condition.

As I write this, there is now a stand-off and the police fear this siege could continue for a few more days. The dead police officer still lies beside the bullet ridden squad car. Paramedics and other emergency personnel are unable to retrieve the body, as whenever officers approach the house, they are met by a volley of bullets. The nation waits and watches as the media swarm the area, filming from helicopters, hilltops and distant buildings. When this blockade is over and the killer is either apprehended or shot by S.W.A.T., the New Zealand government should look into changing the law to allow all police officers to carry guns.

For those of you that are awared, New Zealand officers are usually unarmed. They patrol dangerous areas in the cities around the country armed with only a baton. Taser guns were introduced a while ago, but the government has failed to supply every officer with one of these electric-shock weapons. It is time for all police officers around the country to be supplied with a holster and gun. The days of an unarmed cop are over. The government needs to move New Zealand into the 21st century and realize that crime is on the increase and that the old methods of an officer using just harsh language are gone. Whenever there is a confrontation with a criminal who is armed, the police have to call S.W.A.T. or “The Armed Defenders Squad — as they are named. If the slain officer had been carrying a weapon, then perhaps he could have defused the situation before innocents were fired upon. The Armed Defenders Squad, should only be called out after the siege has begun.

And so we wait.


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