Cheney. What’s his problem?

Cheney, what’s his problem?
Dick Cheney is in the News again, telling the country how much he thinks the Obama administration is screwing up. What is it with this guy? I thought ex-Presidents and ex-Vice presidents, disappeared from the scene when they were voted out. George hasn’t been heard of, since landing back in Texas and being driven to his new house in downtown Dallas. Dick, on the other hand is starting to be a thorn in the ass of the government. Obama has – and is – doing what he promised during the campaign, He’s reaching out to other countries, offering the open hand, as he once said. So he accepts a book from Chavez, so what? I ask you, what should he have done, smacked Hugo on the head with the damn book? I was reminded of the time when Zimbabwe’s pugnacious leader, Robert Mugabe, offered his hand to Britain’s Prince Charles. Charles had no choice but to accept the offered hand. So, the same thing happens with Obama – Chavez, walks across the room, leans forward and shakes his hand and gives him a book. Obama accepts the token of friendship – end of story. It doesn’t mean that Obama and Chavez are going to start dating. Obama’s not going to sharing America’s state secrets with the guy. He’s not going to invite him to inspect Cheyenne Mountain, for Christsake! Cheney and his supporters continued their acerbic attack on the President, suggesting that Obama wanting to open dialogue between his administration and Cuba, is a sign of weakness for the United States. Can’t these dinosaurs of American politics, see that the arrogant, unbending, dogmatic, nefarious and draconian methods of the last administration were exactly what caused America’s reputation sink to new depths?

Obama is ushering a new – and certainly different approach – to dealing with some of the world’s “unfriendly” governments. The man uses realpolitik and not the principles and ideas of the past administration. President Obama has the ability to make – even the biggest asshole on the planet – listen and see that there is a “new” America and it is not about wanting to interfere with the policies of other countries. He’s rebuilding the trust factor, something that Bush and Co managed to erase over the course of 8 years. The President also released CIA records revealing the torture methods used during the Bush era on terror suspects. Cheney gets on his hobby-horse and starts making claims that the torture worked and that the intelligence community was able to learn a great deal. I wonder how many of these “suspects” gave false information simply to stop the waterboarding. Remember these people were suspects, no trial, no clear proof – suspects! So, the CIA, straps “Mohammed” to a blank and asks the question, “Where is Bin Laden?” “I don’t know, I’m not in his organization!” “Bullshit, we have photos of you and Bin sipping coffee in Starbucks!” “That aint me, really I don’t drink coffee……….Starbucks, what is that?” “Are you fucking with me?” “No, sir, really, I have only seen Battlestar Galactica once. Really!” Mohammed is panicking, because there’s another guy holding a bucket of water standing nearby. Mo knows the water aint for drinking. “You are fucking with me!” continues the interrogator, “No, really!” Anyway, the CIA don’t believe Mo and so they pour water over him and make him think he’s drowning. They then deprive him of sleep, shove him in a small box with insects and other creepy-crawlies until finally, Mo screams “All right! Bin’s in the mountains.” The CIA guys smile and the main man leans over and says to a shaking Mo, “See that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now you’re going to Gitmo for the rest of your fucking life!”

Obama has stopped this practice and news of America’s humane treatment of prisoners or terror suspects,will become known. The United States will be able to hold her proverbial head high and eventually become that country of freedom for all, it continues to preach to the world. As for 9/11, I have my views on that. I’m not convinced it was completely Bin and is friend’s that carried it out. But that is for another post, sometime. Many of you who read this, will no doubt disagree with my opinion and are probably thinking that Dick Cheney is a great guy, that just can’t shoot a rifle straight. I think Cheney is an evil asshole who gets his jollies by keeping a nation in fear. He is a warmonger and still doesn’t see that some of the policies implemented by the last administration were wrong. George was and probably still is, the village idiot only wanting to impress Dad, by finishing the job George senior started in the early 90’s.


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