Why Men Cheat

I read a very good post about the reasons for men cheating on girlfriends or wives. According to the post, there are various reasons for men being unfaithful and a list of said reasons was given. I, however have my own thoughts on why men cheat, allow me to give you the “World according to the Hack”.

I think the prime reason for men cheating is sex. A married man can have sex pretty much any time he wants, but in secret he yearns for a bit of variety. It is my opinion that couples having sex after two or three years of marriage, become used to one another and the sex transforms from exciting to mundane, if not boring. Let’s be honest here; the couple does it the same way, they know each others sensitive points, know how to make each other climax – although many women don’t because hubby is more interested in getting his jollies than satisfying the missus – they have sex on a weekly basis, probably once or twice and both kid themselves that they have a fantastic sexual relationship. Husband goes off to work everyday, comes home and is greeted by loving wife who tells him of the various events in her life that day. He’s sits on the sofa with the remote in his hand flicking channels and grunting every time wife asks a question.

Late at night, husband sometimes watches skin-flicks or surfs the Net looking for porn sites, finishing off the evening masturbating. Now that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife or that he’s not getting enough sex; it is simply because he’s imagining having sex with a young, beautiful girl with a fantastic body. If wife gets up in the late evening and finds husband with his pants down “spanking the monkey”, she may become angry and call him a dirty old man, which is unfair and will eventually lead to him not being able to have sex with his wife. On the other hand, wife seeing her husband, “enjoying” himself with his hand, may become aroused herself. So, when the husband is in a situation where he has the chance to have sex with another woman – a beautiful young woman – he’s not going to say, “I can’t I’m married.” He is going to let his gonads take over – his sense of loyality slips from his brain to his penis – and he cheats. Again, it is not because he doesn’t love his wife. It is because he wants to experience a little variety in his life. He also wants to know if women still find him attractive. Indeed, if a young woman allows our married man to have sex with her, then obviously she finds him attractive, does she not?

Our unfaithful husband has hot sex with this young girl and when it’s over, guilt creeps up and bites him on his bare ass. The girl is lying in his arms, smiling and lightly rubbing his chest. She tells him he was fantastic, he likes to hear those words. She asks if he can stay the night, he ponders the idea. She kisses him and puts her hand on his manhood hoping it’ll stand-up and ask for more, but Mohammad is spent and husband is feeling guilty. Finally, he sits up and says, “I have to go”. You see, as far as husband is concerned, the whole thing is finished, over-with, goodbye – have a nice life. But the girl wants to see him again, she makes him promise to call her – he promises. Why does he promise; because he wants to get out the door and home, but this girl is putting pressure on him, so he promises but he has no intention of calling her. He lies because it is his only escape. He arrives home late, and takes a shower. While he’s in the shower, he thinks of the girl and how she had made him feel good, he smiles as he relives the love-making with a different woman. He notices he’s hard again. Shower finished he crawls into bed, wife is sleeping and prior to sleeping he plans his excuses for the morning questions he is bound to get from the wife.

Men will always cheat, we have been put on this earth to sire children. Like mongrel dogs, we stalk the streets in search of a woman. We have our mate, our loved wife, but our penis rules our life and we can’t escape its desire to satisfy itself in a different vagina. We alway feel guilty afterward, but if the situation arises again, we will indeed do it again. To all the woman that may read this post, don’t look upon us males in a bad way, we can’t help what we are.

The above opinions are purely my own and are not meant to offend. Take what I wrote with a pinch of salt.


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