What to do about North Korea

I’ve written before about this country that refuses to complie with United Nations rulings. The international community wants North Korea to refrain from constructing and testing nuclear weapons as most countries in the world, want peace and prosperity for their citizens. So what’s with North Korea? Why are they being so belligerent? It is clear that the nation is asking for help, but pride and fear prevent them from coming out and asking for it. Their method is to draw attention to themselves through provocation. The theory being; fear that North Korea has nuclear weapons, will give them negotiating power thus attaining what they want. But alas their theories and methods are not resulting in any form of help from other nations. Indeed, other countries are becoming tired of the schoolyard bullying techniques, they (North Korea) are implementing. So, how do we deal with his nation that is so pig-headed and pugnacious that they refuse to come to the negotiation table and settle everything until their demands are met? The effrontery of the country’s leaders is mind boggling. Is it clear North Korea is run by anachronistic people who dwell on the achievements of their past. The country is far behind the rest of the planet in regards to technology and other sciences. It is said that visiting Pyongyang is similar to stepping back into the year 1970. We all know North Korea longs to have the technology of the 21st century, so why don’t they just ask for it?

I propose all nations ignore North Korea. Governments of the world should not comment when North Korea launches a missile or tests a bomb. These reactions are what North Korea want. They chose isolation, so let’s give them isolation – complete isolation. Stop all food aid, fuels, medicine, everything. This may seem a little extreme and perhaps, inhumane, however it may actually cause the people of the nation to rise up and defeat Mr. Kim and his cohorts. The world is tired of having to put up with North Korea’s antics. It is time to do something. Let them rattle the proverbial sword and obfuscate their population and the rest of the world. Let the leaders of this country wallow in their xenophobia and jingoism, eventually they will scream for assistance and return to the negotiation table.


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