The Life and "fast" times of Susan Boyle

She didn’t win and that was sad. But Susan Boyle didn’t seem to mind and second place in “Britain’s Got Talent” is pretty damn good. Her career will take off and she will start recording albums and those albums will sell like hot cakes. She will appear on TV talk shows, TV music shows, even TV quiz shows; she will never be out of the spotlight. Yes Susan Boyle’s story is indeed a rags to riches tale. She – apparently – promised her dying mother that she would follow her dream and she is making that dream come true. Most of the planet is behind her, “Come on Susan!” the world chants, “You can do it!” The little lady from Scotland takes on the cynics, she takes on the pros and comes out on top. But wait, could all this suddenly end?

It seems Susan is suffering with stress and fatigue. It’s been rumored she was cursing, using the “f-word” in her hotel room. It appears the price for stardom is much too great for Susan, so is she beginning to lose it? The media camp out in front of her home, she is interviewed by the famous and it is becoming all too much for this Scottish Lass. One of the show’s Judges consoles her; offering Susan doctors, advisers and counsellers, all to bring her back from the brink. For these moguls in the industry, Susan is money, big money and therefore there is no way these men and women are going to let the golden goose with the golden egg, give up. Heaven forbid Susan wanting to quit and return to her home and her normal life. There is money to be made and tons of it. Let’s hope that these wheelers and dealers in Susan’s newfound life, stop and consider the lady herself. Whatever decision she makes, people should respect it and allow her to pursue what she wants. If she chooses to battle on and release album after album, then we should all get behind her in support.

Good luck to you Susan Boyle.


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