When Will They learn?

Will the reclusive nation of North Korea ever be out of the limelight? Will they ever not be on the front pages of newspapers around the world? It is becoming apparent that the government of this country or state, loves the attention. First of all they test detonate a couple of nuclear devices, then send a missile soaring over Japan – which they adamantly claim – was to launch a satellite into the cosmos. While all this is going on, they captured two US journalists who crossed over the border with China and therefore illegally entered the country. These two women were tried, found guilty and sentenced to 12 years hard labor. Wow! That’s a little extreme isn’t it? Twelve years breaking rocks with sledge-hammers. Twelve years of literally wearing a ball and chain and a pair of black and white PJ’s. The US State Department shakes its proverbial head in frustration as negotiations commence and North Korea seems to be not interested in releasing these two minor law breakers for humanitarian reasons. Still the negotiations proceed – it seems futile. Meanwhile the Security Council of the UN votes to increase sanctions against North Korea. So, what will happen, North Korea will get even more pissed off and refuse to discuss the freedom of the American Journalists. These two women are in serious danger of actually serving the next twelve years of their lives in a North Korean prison. Not a pleasant thought, is it?

So the question that needs to be asked is; when are the people running the state of North Korea going to stop purposely pissing off the rest of the planet? They seem to be convinced, Obama and the rest of America are going to attack and take over their world. Their paranoia is becoming ridiculous – if not annoying. Perhaps we should send in a few thousand missiles into Pyongyang for a few months and end this bullshit once and for all. North Korea boasts one of the largest armies in the world – if not the largest. A million men and women ready to fight for their sovereignty, but don’t these soldiers for the protection of “Dear leader”, understand that if attacked by the west, it will not be like the 1950-53 war or police action (as some call it), it will be intense and many, on both sides, will die in the first wave of rockets. So, the American diplomats meet their North Korean counterparts, sit at a large round table in down town Bejing and talk. No one says clearly what is on his or her mind, both parties dance with innuendo and obfuscation. The North is dogmatic in its insistance of guarantees and likewise the United States is insistant that the North stop all the provocation. But alas nothing comes of these meetings, North Korea seems to dismiss America as a conquering power and therefore won’t even consider bending to the will of the people of the world. It is clear that when father Kim was running the show, North Korea was hardly heard of, now with not so young son Kim at the top, the country is in everyone’s face. When “Dear leader” retires and is replaced by his younger son – it is rumored – will this new leader have the sense and wisdom to say, “Enough! We need other countries in order to survive!” And then turning to the rank and file of stubborn old army generals, the narrowed minded advisors and the people of North Korea, adding, “We have learned, let’s make the peace and open our country.” I wonder – will that day come?


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