What the world needs now is…Peace!

The streets of Tehran are dangerous as supporters of both Presidential candidates clash. The populace voted to return the same President, but claims of vote-rigging and an unfair election from many, has thrown the country into turmoil. The violence is gaining momentum and thus soon the streets will be littered with the injured or worse – the dead. On the other side of the planet, North Korea flexes its muscles, promising to increase the production of plutonium enrichment – should the United Nations enforce harsher sanctions. Over in the middle-east, the Palestinians argue over a plan put forward by the Israelis – it seems the Palestinians feel they are being cheated – yet again. Meanwhile in Pakistan, the government battles with the Taliban and is dealt a series of terror strikes throughout the country. In that war-torn country of Iraq bombs have killed again leaving yet another family childless, motherless or fatherless. When will all this death and destruction end?

The answer to that question is; it never ends. We members of the human race can’t live in harmony. We can’t accept different cultures, customs and ways of thinking. Even within our own borders – we are violent toward each other. Gangs run amok in many cities – fighting the system the members would tell you – but truth be known, these menaces in society, don’t really know why they do what they do. Psychologists analyze data, using polemical language to explain the problem with todays youth, but their words neither edify or offer comfort and solutions — it is just obfuscation. We really are strange creatures, are we not? We kill, hurt or maim, for satisfaction or power, albeit unwarranted fear — not survival. Do the people of planet earth suffer from xenophobia or is it just plain old jingoism?

To the waring peoples of our world, I plead with you all to stop the fighting, the killing, the destruction and the hate. Let’s live in harmony, respect one another and make our world a peaceful, clean; prosperous and happy planet. We all wake up to the same sun every morning; sleep with the same moon looking down on us like some nurturing father, we all breathe oxygen, we all love our children and families. Indeed the only differences between us is cultures, customs and languages. To quote John Lennon, “Give peace a chance”.


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