He’s gone…….let’s move on.

He has passed away, gone to that big stage in the sky. Let’s give the guy some peace. I’m speaking of the late Michael Jackson, of course. It seems the media is smitten with his death. Yes, it was a tragic event and even though I was never a fan – 50 is too young to die. Questions remain as to why he did suddenly have a heart attack. It has been speculated that Michael took various medications and perhaps one – or more – of these medicines, actually caused his death. Will we ever know the truth? Indeed, will the rest of the Jackson family, ever know the truth? And so the rumors, the innuendo, and guesses continue – the media enjoying this feast of speculation. And then there are the various people that, suddenly come out of the woodwork, giving their opinions, offering condolences and speaking of Michael as those he walked on water. Where were these people when Michael was up on charges of child molestation? I can only assume that these “kind souls” didn’t want to be involved and stayed behind locked doors, waiting for the outcome of the trial. When Michael was found not guilty, these “friends” came out in support of him – the word hypocrisy materializes in my mind. Let’s let Michael Jackson have some peace now. Let the rest of the Jackson family grieve in their own private way.

As I wrote above, I was never a Michael Jackson fan. I always believed he was a great singer and dancer and as kid, enjoyed his rendition of “Ben”. However, it was his plastic surgery and the way he tried to become “white” which annoyed me. Once he claimed to have a skin disease that made his skin “lighter”, I thought – at the time – he was just trying to justify his ridiculous operations, after all none of the other members of the Jackson family, had any skin problems – aside from the usual pimples and other adolescent problems. These were just my pet-peeves and obviously not shared by most of the world. He bought a great deal to the world of entertainment and should be remembered for his miusic and dance, but he’s gone now, so let’s move on.


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