And the World Turns

The world continues to turn with five more British troops killed in Afghanistan. It appears the Taliban are not dwindling in size or showing signs of giving up. How long with this war continue? How many people – both civilian and military – have to die? This war – along with Iraq – is all because of 9/11. I think it has been proven to the world that Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks on New York and Washington. As for Afghanistan harboring Bin-Ladin – I’m beginning to wonder whether he is in fact alive at all. Various governments will have us believe Bin-Ladin is hiding in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is strange as thousands of soldiers have been searching for Bin since 2001 and no one can find him. He truly is a modern day Houdini. If you or I robbed a couple of banks and headed for the mountains of Montana or Wyoming – I’m pretty sure the Feds and other law enforcement agencies would bring us to justice in a matter of weeks. Bin’s been on the run for near on 10 years. When does it end? The War on Terror is an oxymoron and can never be won.

President Obama becomes the first African/American President to set foot in the country of Ghana. It seems the people of that nation are quite taken with the man and are celebrating his visit. Indeed the streets are lined with pictures of him and souvenir stores are selling everything from tee-shirts with the man’s face printed on the front, to coffee mugs bearing the same “mug” shot. I suppose it is understandable, Obama, after all, is the first – and hopefully not the last – black American President. He offers hope and prosperity for the country of Ghana. No doubt there will be some sort of agreement signed and Ghana will see an increase in imports from America. This will make the manufacturers in the States happy and should also boost the American economy. Yep, I do believe Obama is doing a good job in the international relations department. He is rebuilding the trust of other nations – a trust that George Bush managed to dismantle during his term in office. What a fool he was, what a complete embarrassement for the people of America.

Finally, the Michael Jackson saga continues. One wonders if he’ll ever “rest in peace”. Now various people are coming out of the woodwork stating things like he was some sort of drug nut. First there was the news that this dancing and singing, sensation needed a drug called Diprivan to sleep at night. This drug, apparently, is not the kind of drug you can buy at the local supermarket – but is a drug that is used during operations in hospitals. Today I read that MJ took another drug named Xanax ten times a day. Incredible! Where do these people come from? They are like feeding hyenas living of the flesh of a dead singer. Some people will do anything to get on TV or their name in the paper. Body guards suddenly start telling the media that MJ had them pick up prescriptions in their own names. When will the media frenzy over MJ end? It’s been weeks now since he died and still the talk shows talk about him, News programs investigate and speculate, finally magazines write about him. Isn’t it time we finally put Michael to rest? Isn’t it time we focused on more pressing things, like the economy, education, etc? Isn’t it time people who love this kind of news – got a life? Michael Jackson is dead, let it go! Shit I hope when my turn comes, I get even a quarter of the attention


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