Funny Lady

First, in 1968, there was Barbara Streisand as the “Funny Girl”, she reprised the role a few years later – in the 1975 movie, “Funny Lady”. Now – here in 2009 – there’s a remake of that 1975 award winning flick. However, the star is different. Hillary Clinton has relieved Barbara of the fame. Yep, Hillary is the new “Funny lady”. It is important to note here, that this “movie” has been produced and directed by North Korea. You remember those fellas, don’t you? Of course you do; they are the ones that like to send missiles over my house or denotate nuclear weapons underground.

Hillary said a few weeks ago that the North Korean regime was acting like elementary school children with its provocation and posturing. She went on to say, that the best way to treat teens or adolsecents, is to ignore them. So, North Korea calls Hillary a Funny Lady they get personal. Still, this is nothing new, North Korea called Under Secretary of State, John Bolton, human scum – during the Bush Administration. These North Koreans are the “Funny ladies”. I wonder why they insist on shooting themselves in the foot. The leaders of that impoverished nation claim that if they make “deals” with the US, then it is tantamount to “taking our clothes off”, one North Korean diplomat was quoted as saying. “Sovereignty, we want to keep our sovereignty,” the powers at the top bellow. How silly they really are. No one wants to take their sovereignty, are the leaders in Pyonyang that stupid? Do they really believe, for one minute, that America and her allies, will or even want to attack them? America can’t afford to attack North Korea, they have too much of their plate as it is, with Iraq and Afghanistan. Why can’t these morons understand that?

Sanctions under UN charter 1874, are no doubt causing serious shortages in the country. These sanctions were supported by Russia and China – two of North Korea’s “friends”. The world has had enough of their bullshit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cut the country off, nothing goes in, nothing comes out. Let the people rise up and take back their own land. Freeze the country’s assets, until they agree to sit down and talk like the adults they are suppose to be. No doubt, these measures will cause the North to again fire a missile, denotate a bomb and threaten the South, but we should all just not react – as the “Funny Lady” said – ignore them.


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