Nobel for Obama – Good or Bad?

The world was stunned recently when the Nobel committee elected to bestow the Nobel Peace Prize on current United States President, Barack Obama. This was an unprecedented move by the committee and will, no doubt, go down in the annals of Nobel history.

Many, in the world, feel that perhaps this honor was presented to the wrong man; that possibly, Obama hasn’t been in office long enough to receive such notability. Indeed many have claimed that he has done little to inspire peace throughout the world; citing – conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, suspected terrorist detainees in Gitmo; Iran’s nuclear ambitions, etc. However, I’m of the belief that Obama was a good choice and I honestly believe he is striving for world peace and prosperity.

The previous eight years of President Bush were a nightmare for America and for the rest of the world. Bush’s policies were gruff and contentious. Instead of making the world a safer place, after 9/11, he made it a lot more dangerous. The churlish and often pugnacious remarks and comments made by President Bush only antagonized leaders and – indeed terrorists – around the planet. 2009 saw Obama sworn in as the new President – a mere 10 months ago – and has shown world leaders that he is willing to listen and learn. Hallelujah! A President that will listen! That, in itself, is a giant step toward peace.

President Obama, in my humble opinion, was a good choice for the Nobel Peace Prize and although there are many other men and women making untold sacrifices in the name of peace; Obama leads a nation that could make the dream of peace a reality. To the nayers around the globe, let’s give the man a chance to prove his worth.


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