The Scandal.

The entertainment world was stunned the other week when Late Show host, David Letterman revealed that he had – in the past – had sex with one or more of his staff. The tabloids went crazy and a media feeding frenzy soon ensued. It all came to light when Dave, on his show, explained to the millions of viewers around the country, that he was the victim in an extortion attempt by one of the producers of another CBS show. It seems this man asked Dave for two million dollars or he would sell a screenplay and a book, detailing Letterman’s sexual liaisons with staffers.

David Letterman contacted his lawyer and was told that it sounded very much like extortion. The lawyer and Dave then decided to set a meeting with this person. They meet with him, recorded the conversation and handed over a dummy check for two million dollars. The would-be extortionist probably thought all his Christmas’ had come at once – two million extra dollars in the bank! However, Dave and his lawyer went to the authorities and had the gent was arrested and brought up on charges. “Not Guilty, your honor!” the man announces standing in a New York city court room. Dave – and no doubt his lawyer – listened to this revelation in dumbfounded silence. “No guilty?” Dave asked himself, “What’s not guilty?” He resists the urge to yell to the CBS worker, “What the hell is wrong with you, you tried to get 2 million dollars out of me and now you’re saying, not guilty – Jeez, what kind of morons is CBS hiring these days?”

Now that Dave letterman has admitted “playing around” with his staff, the media is asking if this sort of thing is common in the work place across America – or around the world? I’m sure almost every company in almost every country has staff members having sex with each other. It stands to reason, that women and men working together, can become attracted to one another and this attraction leads to a few nights of romping in a double bed at some out-of-the-way motel. I’m sure – as in Dave’s case – there are many bosses that are bedding their subordinates and these juniors are allowing this sort of thing to happen, in the hope of advancement. The problem of sex between staff and clients is rampant over here in Japan. English conversation schools, in particular, are forever warning male foreign teachers not to date female clientele. Preventing this from happening is akin to trying to stop a tsunami – impossible. Foreign men see pretty Japanese girls in an English lesson and suddenly their hormones take over – his brain slips to his loins. There is nothing that can be done to stop these sexual encounters – men follow their penis’ when in the presence of a pretty woman, their brain goes on hold and once the deed is done – guilt takes over.

As for David Letterman, I think he will survive the media circus and will continue to pull high ratings. He was honest and confessed to the nation. He held nothing back and right now is probably getting his comeuppance from his beloved wife. Perhaps Bill Clinton should have done the same.


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