Family Bickering

Is it just me or do others agree when I say Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, looks evil. I see his picture on various News web sites and I can’t help thinking the man looks like he’s some sort of Gothic monster or effigy. He is a huge robust man which makes me think he lives high on the hog and I would hazard a guess, drinks a great deal. His eyes are small, if not beady and encased in a huge head. It is unclear as to whether he has hair as he consistently has a hat covering his pate. The curling lip of his smile, below a rather thin moustache and the whiteness of his teeth, add to the evilness I watched Joe being interviewed by Larry King a few months back – just after the death of Michael. Joe seemed disinterested in the interview and I got the impression he was there for the money. His attitude also told me he wasn’t overly concerned with the death of his son and when Larry asked if he (Joe) had ever beating Michael. The look Joe gave, told me he had. Joe, of course, denied ever touching any of his children – what else could he say?

At the MTV music video awards, a couple of months back, Joe was having a joke with rapper Kayne West- prior to the rapper’s idiotic interruption of another singer’s acceptance speech. When I saw this picture, I had to wonder whether Joe Jackson was mourning his son or celebrating. Indeed the man shows little or no loss. Michael Jackson himself, cut father Joe out of his Will back in 2002 and now all this is being dragged up as Joe has decided to contest the Will.

Yep, Joe wants his cut. Joe wants a monthly allowance, Joe wants the executives of the Will fired. Joe Jackson wants it all. As I mentioned above. I suspect Joe is used to living the good life and living in Vegas makes me muse that he’s a gamber and owes monies. I don’t know why I feel that, I just do. So, what is going to happen? A judge is going to listen to Joe’s side of the argument and after hearing both sides, make a ruling. If Joe wins, he’ll go away a happy man until the money starts drying up. If Joe loses and the courts rule against him, Joe’s going to be pissed and his attacks will continue.

I have to ask myself here; what are Michael’s siblings doing? Why aren’t Jermaine, Janet and the others fighting for their lost brother? Michael wanted his mother to be financially comfortable for the rest of her life and for her to raise his children. Joe is fighting against Michael’s wishes, so where the hell are his brothers and sisters?


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