“A horse, a horse, my …Republic for a horse!”

“OK, so I know I’m going to get hit by every royalist on planet as he or she condemns me for suggesting my home country of  New Zealand and others, break away from the Brits and become republics.

What is the good of a monarchy? Do we, the people of the world, need Royal families doing nothing but traveling the globe opening buildings, planting trees and making innocuous, boring speeches? Surely the taxes paid to keep these families living high on the hog, could to put to much better, albeit, honest use. In my last blog, I wrote how one of the sons of Princess Diana and Charlie, Prince William, had just visited New Zealand. Thousands of Kiwi’s turned out to see, and hopefully touch, this symbol of a past empire as he wandered the lunch-time streets of the capital. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not attacking the man himself,  just what he represents.

Prince Willy along with his younger brother, Prince Harry, have nothing really to do in their lives. Everything is mapped out for them. Even father, Chuck, doesnt have the freedom he probably craves. Here in Japan, the situation is the same, if not worse. The Emperor does little and if it weren’t for a few official duties, the man would be bored shitless. Is it any wonder Princess Masako had a breakdown a few years back. This girl came from a rich family, studied at Oxford, worked for the Japanese foreign office and was finally forced into a marriage with the next heir to the throne of Japan. Today she lives in recluse, like some sort of female Howard Hughes. The couple had a daughter six years ago and this caused much concern with many of the royalist in the Japanese government as it was hoped that Masako would give birth to a boy. In Japan’s lengthy history, an Empress has only ruled once. The rank and file shivered at the thought of a repeat. Fortunately, the Emperor’s second son and his wife, had a boy in 2007 and this made the curmudgeons smile.

Think of the advantages of having no royal family. Taxes to feed and clothed these people would cease. Buildings could open, after construction, without all the fanfare, TV programs about the royal family would be a thing of the past. Museums would benefit from the influx of historical artifacts that were kept in the royal’s palace or castle. The British Crown Jewels, for example, housed in the Tower of London and certainly worth a few billion dollars, could be melted down or sold to Arab sheiks, thus clearing the country’s debts. Then again, perhaps the money would be best spent rebuilding Haiti. The people of England would finally have a say in deciding what should become of the Jewels. And what of their castles and palaces? Buildings of such grandeur could be rennovated into hotels, museums, hospitals or schools.

At one point in British history, England did indeed have a republic. Oliver Cromwell led his supporters – the roundheads – to overthrown the King and take control of the nation. For a period of twenty years, or so, Cromwell governed England and her neighbors as a republic. After his death, the place went to rack and ruin – allowing the exiled King to return. Hence, Return of the King. Nope, Peter Jackson had zip to do with it.


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