A Humoristic Look at the Whisperer

     My wife is an avid fan of the TV series Ghost Whisperer – personally I don’t know what she sees in it. I have watched this program a few times – studying the characters and how they fit into the various plots each week and I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the support cast are not really necessary. We all know the story. A small Californian town where everybody loves everybody and there is no crime,  no homeless;  no gangs  in fact, there is  no police presence. It seems this small town doesn’t need any police because it is just so peachy. You could compare it to Mayberry from the Andy Griffth Show, back in the 60’s – I’m waiting for Andy to come whistling down the street carrying a fishing pole and Ron Howard running at his side.

     So, the premise of this show is that a young married woman, named Melinda (played by Jennifer Love-Hewit), can see and talk with ghosts. Melinda assists these lost ghosts complete unfinished business before they walk into the “light”. Some of these spirits are good and some are not so good, but Melinda – being a ghost whisperer – sees the good in everyone. Melinda is married to a paramedic named Jim (the actor’s name escapes me) and Jim is – what can I say – the perfect husband, he understands his wife’s gift and therefore puts up with all these ghosts arriving at their house at all times of the day and night. This must seriously inhibit Jim and Melinda’s sex time. Strangely enough, none of the ghosts arrive, when Jim and Melinda are screwing – well mannered ghosts. I would even go as far as to say that, Jim and Melinda don’t have sex. Jim more than likely can’t get a woody as he’s afraid of a damn lost ghost showing up and interrupting his “pleasure”. The ghosts are a form of “salt-peter” for Jim. Although Jim and Melinda don’t have sex like the average young couple they are, however, constantly kissing. One has to wonder how Jim does it – how can he do so much kissing and not answer the call from his loins? I guess only Jim can answer that.  Anyway, we have Melinda who can see ghosts and help them on their merry way to heaven and we have husband Jim the paramedic, sexless, and too nice to be real.

      There is also one other character that deserves a mention and that is, Melinda’s rather large woman friend who works in Melinda’s  antique store and who doesn’t look very happy in each episode. Incidently the actor that plays this large woman, was a lawyer in that old show, “The Practice”, back in the 90’s. I’m of the opinion she is a very talented actress and should have her own lawyer show, rather than playing second fiddle to Love-Hewit. So there we are, the cast of Ghost Whisperer. Each character in the show knows his or her place and dresses accordingly. However one character dresses complete wrong for the genre of the show.

       Love-Hewit’s character, Melinda, dresses as if she is applying for a job at a playboy club. Each week she wears shirts, tee-shirts and the like, that show her rather ample bosom. Yep, we viewers get to gaze upon the huge tits of Love-Hewit. Now, if I were the director, producer or whatever, I would insist that the star of the show dress in accordance with the character. Don’t get me wrong here; I love a pair of tits as much as the next man, but the show is suppose to be about ghosts and we have Love-Hewit wearing clothing that implies she not only helps these lost souls get to the pearly gates, she fucks them as well. Perhaps that’s why Jim aint getting any.

     There have been scenes where Melinda has been cooking for guests, she’s been wearing an apron around her waist and the top half of her body, had the twins,  “Betty” & “Bonnie” bouncing about like they’re in a stroller. It doesn’t fit the scenario. Any normal husband who had a wife as hot as Love-Hewit, would be more than a little pissed off. I can imagine “Jim” going for a few beers after a hard day of paramedic-ing and the fellas in the bar saying, “Hey Jim, your wife has the nicest set of tits on the planet!” Or “Yo, Jim, those tits your wife has are damn nice, definitely a pearl-neckless, those mellons!” Or, “Jim, are they firm or do they collapse once you release the boulder-holder?”Jim would feel proud in the beginning, but after months or years of listening to these kinds of comments, he’d feel embarrassed and finally pissed off – is nothing private? He would ask himself.

   In conclusion the producers, writers and directors should insist that the character, Melinda, dress to suit the situation and those around her. This would bring a little more realism to the show. Having Love-Hewit wearing clothing that continually shows her breasts does not fit with the character and is only, in my opinion, done to attract a male audience as ratings slump. Love-Hewit is executive producer of the show, so it appears she herself likes to show off the twins, perhaps the woman is narcissistic.


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