Misled Missionaries.

What is it with some of these trouble-searching missionaries? I’m speaking about one particular missionary, by the name of Robert Park a Korean/American.

This young fella decided to enter North Korea, illegally from the Chinese border, in an effort to bring the “Lord” to the impoverished people of that nation. I read, prior to him leaving the States, he promised not to let the regime of North Korea stop him in his quest to “free” the people through the words of the Bible.

Well, it would appear that Robert has gotten himself caught by the authorities and they’re, as expected, not too happy about having another American spreading – what the government no doubt calls – American propaganda. Mr. Park is probably screaming to his captors, “I’m half Korean, you can’t do this to me. What about human rights!?” The North Korean’s don’t give a shit about what Mr. Park claims, they see him as a potential spy and his Bible quest is just a smoke screen. North Korean officials probably think Robert Park is there to incite a riot or steal the secrets of the North. Not that the North has any real secrets and even if they do….who cares.

So the question that I need to ask: is why did dumb-ass Robert Park enter the country illegally? Does he really believe he can bring about change with a back-pack and a Bible? I would hazard to guess that he is now regreting his own actions and hoping the US State department asks Bill Clinton to make another trip. North Korea would like nothing more than for Clinton, or better yet Obama, to come to their land grovelling for the release of one of their own. My gut feeling tells me that Clinton isn’t going to go again and Obama is just too damn busy.

So what happens to Robert Park? Well, he’ll be tried for entering the country illegally, found guilty and sentenced to one of the North’s infamous concentration camps for the next 15 years. The North Korean’s will let him take his Bible and they’ll encourage him to preach to the other inmates, because while the other prisoners listen to Park, they’re not going to cause the guards any grief. Robert Park will be like a new toy in the camp. He’ll have a captive audience. The time spent behind barbed wire will certainly test Mr. Park’s faith, as he’ll probably have to endure beatens, homosexual approaches and other hideous happenings that occur any male prison.

While I commend his fortitude I cannot, for the life of me, understand why he would put himself, and others, at risk without carefully researching the repercussions of entering a country like North Korea illegally. Did he not witness the two journalist’s captured a year or two back? Did he not ask himself, “Wow! That could happen to me. Perhaps I should reconsider.” Obviously he didn’t.

Robert Park entered North Korea illegally by crossing the Chinese/North Korean border. He has been caught and may very well disappear from this planet. His actions have now caused many people in the American government to shake their heads in frustration and ask themselves, “Why?”

Why on earth can’t these Bible thumping missionaries, just do their missionary deeds legally and stop pissing off the State Department and the rest of the world?


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  1. Betty Chatterjee
    Jan 30, 2010 @ 19:32:31

    Blind faith can make people do many things that more pragmatic beings would never dream of doing.


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