Somewhere near that out-of-control country Somali, a British couple is being held captive by pirates. Since October, 2009, Paul and Rachel Chandler have been held while the pirates wait for a 7 million dollar ransom. These two people were sailing up the African coast when Somali ocean bandits, captured them and demanded money for their release.

Paul and Rachel are not wealthy people. They have no children that could collect the money. Both are in their senior years, he 60 she 56 and time is not on their side. In the News today, I read how Rachel is on the verge of giving up completely and if that should happen, she will die. For the last few weeks the couple has been separated – obviously the pirates were anticipating some sort of rescue attempt, separating them foils any such attempt. They are able to speak to each by telephone every few days or weeks  and as much as Paul wants to comfort his wife and give her hope, he can’t.

So what is the British government doing about the plight of two of their citizens? From what I can gather – not much. Mr. Gordon Brown’s Labor government is putting the fate of Paul and Rachel Chandler in the “too difficult” basket. Seven million dollars, that’s a lot of money, but it is only money, surely the government could pay the money and get these two people home. The British government spouts on about not yielding to the demands of  terrorists or pirates, which means that Paul and Rachel will lose their lives in coming days.

I think what needs doing, is to pay the ransom. Following the release of Paul and Rachel and anyone else who is being held. The British government, along with the American, should send in a commando unit or units, and take out every one of those pirates, terrorists and any other nasty, that have screwed with the world for far too long and give the country of Somalia back to its people.

In this case I would support a pre-emptive strike against a country or regime that seemingly condones these acts of piracy and terrorism. That entire nation is one screwed up place. Death is everywhere with murder a common occurence. Damn, even Bin Laden aint hanging out in Somalia, he’s scared he’d get whacked.

Tell me people what should the governments of the world do and should the Brits pay the ransom and bring Paul and Rachel home? This writer say, “Hell yes!”


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