“The times, they are a changing.”

Bob Dylan sang those words way back in the 1960’s. Of course he meant that fashion, music, life-styles, etc were the changing. And changing things were. The hippy movement preached make love, not war – a call to stop the Vietnam war. In the early 1970’s John Lennon and others sang and pleaded with governments to give peace a chance. Alas, governments of the world, failed to listen – money and power were more important. And what of the “wars” amongst ourselves. The hatred of different ethic groups, attacks of innocent people, murders for no apparent reason and so on. It appears the human race cannot live in harmony. Envy, greed and other such sins, are more palpable and xenophobia along with jingoism have come out from the closets of society. Even in my home country, tucked down there at the bottom of the globe, the times are a changing.

New Zealand a mountainous, lush “green” country with a sheep population in the millions and a human population in the thousands, is having more than it’s fair share of hatred recently. What has happened? When I was a young lad, growing up in the city of Christchurch, murders and ethic violence never seemed to happen. For us, hideous crime and other such brutalities were for the TV cop shows of the time, “Mannix”, “Perry Mason” and “The Streets of San Francisco”, to name a few. A murder in our city just didn’t happened. Perhaps we were unaware of such things – our parent’s keeping us in the dark, shielding us from the horrors of reality. Even in my teens and early 20’s, murders and other forms of violence never seemed to be an issue.

What is happening in the world today? What happened that made us start hating and killing each other? Has technology caused this change? Facebook and other such sites, make it easier for each of us to connect with the world – indeed the internet as a whole, has bought us closer together and while the majority of us learn from each other and develop friendships that could never have been prior to the internet, others are using it as a tool to spread fear and hatred. Is there no end to all this hostility? I pray that one day, we all will be able to say “We gave peace a chance.”


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  1. Betty Chatterjee
    Feb 15, 2010 @ 10:17:11

    Perhaps the world is more violent nowadays, or perhaps we are just more aware of the violence and misery that always existed but was hidden. Mass media enables us to witness each other’s lives. EthNic discord is much more apparent nowadays because we are much more geographically mobile. It seems to me, that we have not caught up mentally.
    Thought-provoking and interesting post, thanks for sharing it.


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