Shodokan Aikido

Sometimes referred to as Tomiki Aikido or Sport Aikido, Shodokan Aikido is the martial art’s true name. Derived from traditional Aikido conceived by Ueshiba Sensei in the early 20th century Shodokan’s founder, Kenji Tomiki shihan a student of the aforementioned Ueshiba shihan as well as one of Judo founder Jigoro Kano, took Aikido in a new direction by introducing a sport aspect to the art. Indeed, traditional Aikido does not have any  free fighting or “randori” training as it is considered too dangerous. Tomiki shihan, however, adjusted many of the techniques so they could be practiced safely. He firstly established 17 basic or ki-hon techniques known as junana-hon-no-kata (17 basic forms). These 17 incorporate atemi waza ( attacking techniques), Hiji waza (elbow techniques), Tekubi waza (wrist techniques) and finally uke waza (floating/throwing techniques).

Nariyama shihan demonstrates a series of combinations.

The above video of Nariyama shihan shows him demonstrating a combination of techniques which are derived from the aforementioned junana hon no kata as well as other katas (forms). Beginners of Shodokan Aikido are taught the basic seventeen waza first in order to understand the fundamentals of Shodokan Aikido.


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